Pamplin adopted a strategic plan in 2014 which was updated as recently as August 2016. The strategic plan describes the vision, mission, and actions by which Pamplin will advance and achieve greater national and international prominence. This three-year plan is based on Pamplin’s strategic plan and the companion implementation plan.

This three-year plan provides detail about Pamplin’s instructional and research programs than the Pamplin Strategic Plan. However, three topics critical to Pamplin’s future but omitted from this three-year plan are addressed in the College’s strategic and implementation plans:

  • a description of the facilities that will be necessary to accomplish the goals for our educational and research programs,
  • financial strategies for success, and
  • plans for further development of community within the constituent groups of Pamplin.

Pamplin Major Accomplishments 2015-2016

Undergraduate education

  • Exceeded 90% placement rate; average starting increased by 10% to $56,500. 93% of seniors reported career-related experience. Career success and recruiting efforts help explain Pamplin’s increasing popularity with nearly 2,800 first-choice fall 2016 freshman applications.
  • Improved student satisfaction with academic advising from 50% to 80% through fundamental changes such as training new professional advisors during 2015.
  • Pamplin student organizations received highly selective national recognitions including PRISM’s 2016 Telly and GOLD Muse awards.
  • Pamplin undergraduate rankings continue to improve including #5 Hospitality and Tourism Management; #22 ACIS; overall BW ranking improved by 4 spots to #64.
  • Approved curricular improvements including the business core, consolidation of the Certified Financial Planning (CFP) program in Finance, and introduction or revision of many courses.
  • Expanded the Apex Systems Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ASCIE) programs including the Innovate live-learn community and Innovation Treks

Professional graduation education

  • Increasing enrollment in Master of Information Technology (MIT) degree and Evening MBA (EvMBA) while launching new professional degrees (Master of Science in Business concentration in business analytics (Blacksburg) and Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management (National Capital Region (NCR)).
  • Improved program rankings. EvMBA ranked #16 by US News, MIT ranked #2 by US News, Master of Accounting and Information Systems (MACIS) ranked #22.

Research and doctoral education

  • Finalized curriculum, services and instruction for executive doctorate in the NCR. Admitted 12 students (vs. goal of 10).
  • Six Pamplin faculty members have received major research awards since 2014 including two Fulbright awards. Eleven Pamplin faculty members received national press coverage over the past year for their research programs.
  • BYU ranked Accounting Information Systems faculty research program #7 in country.


  • Best fund raising year on record with cash nearly $6.7M as compared to $5.1M last year and several years at $3.0-$3.5M.
  • Outstanding Alumni engagement including events (e.g. 50th Gala, NYSE, record setting Hokies on Wall Street, Hokies on the Bay, increased Women in Business events), revised/improved boards (e.g., PAC) and the addition of five new advisory boards.