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Strategic Cyber Management and Mitigation: Where do I start? How do I catch up? … Take a step back and organize for optimal cybersecurity risk reduction

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This course is oriented towards C-Suite executives from industry sectors that are recognizing that they can’t afford to ignore the risk from an increasingly aggressive cyber threat environment, expanding risk exposure from a changing Enterprise IT landscape, the introduction of Internet of Things and other transformative technologies and rising expectations from regulators, shareholders and consumers. It will provide practical steps for organizing both personally and within the corporation to better assess, appreciate and address cybersecurity threats in a manner that recognizes that cost controls are as important as cybersecurity internal controls and that a wide group of stakeholders will need to understand your risk management investment decisions and put them into context as you navigate between profitability and responsible risk management.


Mix of interactive presentations, invited speakers, and case studies.

Topic Areas

This course provides an opportunity to work with your peers as you engage in a dialogue on understanding the corporate cybersecurity threat landscape. The program will help participants learn to recognize risk factors, understand best practices for organizing a cybersecurity risk program, and help them prepare cyber breach response and recovery planning, as well as organizing to address supply chain and 3rd party risk exposure. The class also will allow participants to learn how to perform a cyber security audit, understand threat intelligence to understand the difference between external and insider threats while developing effective mitigation strategies. 

Benefits of Attending

Participants will learn how best practice companies organize to address governance, compliance and regulatory aspects of cybersecurity risk programs. They will be able to build the structure to systemically reduce cybersecurity risk over time in a manner that is balanced with profitability goals and builds company value. Participants will be exposed to the range of positions with specific cybersecurity accountability as well as those with a supporting or informational role. Emerging guidelines for accountants and auditors and best practice alignment of financial and cybersecurity audits will be introduced.


Invited Speakers

Additional speakers will assist to deepen the learning experience giving each participant further insights into how top executives have overcome critical cybersecurity risk management business challenges.

Ranked No. 6

Pamplin College of Business Master of Information Technology (cybersecurity) ranked number 1 in the United States by

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Chatham House Rules will apply and we are prepared to support additional confidentiality measures if requested.

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Virginia Tech Executive Briefing Center, Arlington, VA

Target Audience

Senior executives and decision-makers.

Maxmium Participants


Fee per Participant

$1,250; includes all instruction, course materials, lunch, parking, and a networking reception. Space is limited.

Group discounts are available for organizations sending three or more participants. Please contact Briana Blanchard, Continuing and Professional Education, for more information at or 571-858-3304.