As the business world becomes hyper-competitive, leaders throughout organizations must anticipate, innovate, and act on the right opportunities to keep themselves and their companies out in front. This program is designed to introduce the mindset of a successful entrepreneur to create an innovative vision, garner resources, and lead others through uncertainty. Participants will learn and leverage entrepreneurial skills to identify opportunities, create value for stakeholders, and manage the unknowns of the future.


Hands-on, minds-on workshop. 

Topic Areas

  • Opportunity identification
  • How to evaluate ideas in uncertainty
  • Learning and recovering from failure

Benefits of Attending

  • Develop entrepreneurial skills
  • Learn from expert entrepreneurs
  • Discover ways to innovate


Invited Speakers

Apex Center for Entrepreneurs

Pamplin College of Business Apex Center for Entrepreneurs has launched more than 150 student-led new venture teams and has more than 100 entrepreneurs, alumni and industry partners engaged on campus.