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Certificate in Privacy and Security for Meeting Professionals

Certificate in Privacy and Security for Meeting Professionals: Keeping your data, clients, and people safe in an ever-changing world

Technology, cybersecurity, privacy and physical safety concerns have created new challenges for the event professional. Keeping event attendees, clients, and employees safe, protecting their privacy, and ensuring the security of all data are just some of these evolving responsibilities. In addition to ensuring your event is physically safe, event professionals must have an understanding of privacy and cybersecurity challenges, as well as a solid understanding of what to is expected in the collection, analysis and management of event data.

Protecting people, property and information involves understanding security as an integrated system of awareness, capabilities, and preparedness. Integrated security focuses on advancing and assuring the security of events from every direction while balancing the crucial needs and expectations

This professional certificate, granted by Virginia Tech, will help event professionals understand these challenges while capitalizing on the strengths of Virginia Tech’s extensive experience in cybersecurity, information technology, business analytics, and hospitality/event management.   

In order to achieve the Certificate, participants must take all 5 courses including the final capstone to achieve their certificate. Participants can opt to take any of the four individual courses if they prefer not to pursue the certificate. The final capstone course is only open to certificate participants.