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Career Paths - Academic and Business

There is a chronic shortage of Ph.D.-qualified faculty members in the business disciplines. Business schools increasingly need academics who not only have strong conceptual and analytical research skills but can also leverage their business experience in the classroom to prepare students to meet professional challenges in the business world.

The Virginia Tech Ph.D. concentration in Executive Business Research provides a path to a Ph.D. degree on a part-time basis for experienced executives seeking cutting edge disciplinary knowledge and methodological skills to do high quality research on emerging business issues. The part-time feature is a unique opportunity for such individuals to prepare for academics as a rewarding profession. As such, the program’s primary focus is to produce highly skilled Ph.D. graduates with a current or eventual interest in joining the faculty of collegiate schools of business.

At the same time, the program recognizes and respects the fact that not all individuals who fit the above description will seek an academic career.  Hence, the program welcomes interest from individuals who wish to develop the deep conceptual and methodological skills that would enable them to contribute to knowledge from their positions as high-level professionals in business and government.