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Experienced Executives with High Quality Research Aspirations

Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business started the concentration in Executive Business Research in 2016. This is not a stand-alone program but is a concentration within its Ph.D. Program in Business. The program provides a path to a Ph.D. degree for experienced executives who seek to acquire on a part-time basis the advanced disciplinary knowledge and methodological skills to conduct high quality research on emerging business issues.

Students gain in-depth understanding of the scholarly literature in their chosen business discipline, receive rigorous training in relevant analytical research methods, and acquire experience in conducting high quality original research on complex business problems. The program promotes interdisciplinary research and encourages collaborative research with faculty as well as other Ph.D. students. The aim is to qualify graduates for careers that rely on advanced research skills, either as full-time academics in university business schools, or as high-level professionals in business and government.