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Program Costs

For students starting this program in fall 2019, the yearly tuition cost for this program is $45,000 for each of the first three years. This amount includes all tuition and fees, as well as local hospitality and meals during residential sessions, but does not cover costs of textbooks, lodging and travel to the residency site. Tuition is billed on a prorated basis (Fall, Spring and Summer: 30% each and Winter: 10% of the annual total).

Students are strongly encouraged students to take the time needed to complete a high quality, publishable piece of research for their dissertation. The university supports this by lowering tuition significantly for students after the third year. Thus, starting in their 4th year students must register for only 3 credits in each of the Fall and Spring semesters. The 2019-20 rate is approximately $6,300 per semester.

A limited number of merit scholarships are available for particularly strong candidates with financial need. These are awarded based on an academic performance evaluation that is conducted at the end of the Fall semester each year.