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Prospective Student Profile

The prototypical candidate for Virginia Tech’s Ph.D. concentration in Executive Business Research is a working professional who holds a graduate degree in business or a related field. The candidate will have a minimum of seven years of experience in a position of responsibility in industry, consulting or government and demonstrate a record of organizational accomplishments and contributions reflecting strategic vision and superior conceptual and methodological skills.

Prospective students should plan a four to five-year commitment to build the credentials needed to earn this rigorous Ph.D. degree. Although this program is taken on a part-time basis, the curriculum demands match that of a Ph.D. earned on a full-time basis. There is an emphasis on rigorous conceptual thinking and strong analytical skills with a premium on creating original scholarly insights to bear on business decision making and problem solving.   Also, as noted earlier, the applicant should aspire to a career that emphasizes the creation and use of research, in academic settings, e.g., business school faculties, or as high level professionals in business and government.