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Scholarly Research Grounded in Real-World Experience

Business professionals routinely grapple with complex organizational and marketplace issues, leveraging their expertise to identify meaningful resolutions. Although they implicitly understand how these issues arise, many seek deeper explanations grounded in cutting-edge disciplinary knowledge and tested using rigorous research methods. 

The Executive Business Research concentration in the Virginia Tech Ph.D. program in Business caters to such individuals.  The program encourages students to blend their real-world business perspective with a critical understanding of the conceptual foundations of their chosen discipline and rigorous training in research methodology. The curriculum fosters collaborative research with experienced faculty and other full-time and part-time doctoral scholars.

As high-performing, experienced business professionals, our students have the ability to navigate data archives and access relevant populations that are potentially rich settings for empirical research. The Ph.D. program builds the ability to generate high quality, original research that drives new business and academic insights. Moreover, there is a strong emphasis on conducting this research at a quality level that is publishable in high quality scholarly journals.