A focus on feelings

Daniel Beal
Daniel Beal

Although his graduate training is in experimental social psychology with an emphasis on quantitative methods, Daniel Beal transitioned early in his career to the field of industrial/organizational psychology.

His research has focused on affective or emotional events and their impact on employees and organizations — particularly how the experience and expression of emotions at work translate into worker well-being, stress and fatigue, and performance.

Some of his research has examined the influence of small events, such as completing onerous chores or engaging in enjoyable tasks. Other research has emphasized more significant events, such as the effects of abusive supervision or experiencing a natural disaster.

Beal is a principal investigator on a research project funded by the Department of Defense to study the roles of emotion experience and expression in workplace violence and well-being. He recently served as an associate editor for the Journal of Management and has been on the editorial boards of several journals, including the Journal of Applied Psychology and Organizational Research Methods.

He earned a doctorate and a master’s degree in psychological science at Tulane University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Florida State University.

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