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Analytics and Data Management in Meetings and Events: Knowing what Data you Need, How to Get it, and How to Manage it When You Do

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Every action leading up to, during, and after an event creates data. What type of data is available, how its acquired, and what is done with it are all part of the event professional’s role. Event leaders understand how to extract actionable information from the mountain of unstructured information created by the activities of attendees, speakers, staff, and clients. Through new technology, such as RFID readers, Android Beam, ecards, and others, planners can now track attendee movements, spending, and event evaluation like never before.

With this new data comes greater responsibility to manage and protect it. It is not necessary or even feasible that every event professional become a data scientist. However, event professionals need to understand what data is available, how to collect it, and how to work with internal and external teams to extract answers that will enhance and improve the event experience for all involved.


Mix of interactive presentations, invited speakers, and case studies.

Topic Areas

  • Big Data and evaluating what’s useful
  • Leveraging data to show ROI
  • Using data to help transition from planner to strategic thinker
  • Data management and mining: asking the right questions, getting the right answers
  • Directing your tech team to wade through data to get the answers you need
  • Privacy and protecting your business and your client
  • GDPR and other privacy regulations
  • Privacy responsibilities for the event planner
  • Wearable technology for event data collection: liability, risk management and security

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand the challenges for event professionals managing and mining data
  • Review the Big Data, benefits and challenges
  • Comprehend what data is useful and how to ask your IT professionals what you need
  • Evaluate emerging data analytics tools in meeting and event operations and strategic decision-making
  • Extract actionable information from the sea of available data


Invited Speakers


Virginia Tech Executive Briefing Center, Arlington, VA

Target Audience

Mid- to senior-level meeting and event professionals seeking to understand the specific aspects of integrated security, cybersecurity, data management, and privacy so that they can better support and direct their internal or external partners in maintaining the security of their data, their clients and their events. This course is specifically geared towards arming event professionals with the tools they need to ask the right questions, understand their responsibilities and serve their clients better. 

Fee per Participant

$695; Includes all instruction, course materials, parking, and a networking lunch. Space is limited.

Group discounts are available for organizations sending three or more participants. Please contact Briana Blanchard, Continuing and Professional Education, for more information at or 571-858-3304.


Participants earn .6 CEU and/or 6 CPEs for this course.