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Safety, Security and the Role of Technology for Meeting and Event Professionals

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Technology impacts every aspect of the meeting and event process. It may be part of a safety hazard or part of a security measure.  Helping to keep people safe is by far the most important contribution technology provides to the meetings and events industry.  It can be a valuable tool to assess risk, such as evaluating the relative safety of a destination or venue. Innovations help mitigate risk, whether from high-tech facial recognition or robotic security systems or more mainstream technology like automated external defibrillators and event apps with security features.  Communication can also be facilitated through technology used to allow meeting and event professionals to communicate with attendees, as a vehicle to deliver timely and relevant information in an emergency, and to track attendees when a crisis occurs.

What can be challenging are the laws that struggle to keep up with the fast-paced changes in technology.  This course will highlight how these technologies are being implemented to mitigate risk and enhance security while considering the liability and privacy concerns related to these technologies that all meeting and event professionals need to understand. Experts will draw upon real-life examples and case studies to help participants navigate the ever-changing role of technology and walk that thin line keeping our events safe while not infringing on individuals’ rights.


Mix of interactive presentations, invited speakers, and case studies.

Topic Areas

  • Destination & venue analysis
  • Technology for emergency alerts, response, and two-way communication
  • Security and the Internet of Things
  • RFID Readers and other wearable technology
  • Drone technology
  • US Safety Act
  • Health, safety, and the law
    • Undesignated stock epinephrine laws
    • Automated external defibrillator Good Samaritan laws
  • Case studies: Mandalay Bay Hotel/Route 91 Harvest Music Festival shooting, Consumer Electronic Show blackout, power and airline system outages, and more 

Benefits of Attending

  • Discover new (and existing) technologies to keep meetings and events safe and secure
  • Understand your duty of care and how to limit your liability without impacting your event’s overall success and profitability
  • Learn from reviewing real-life examples to determine how technology both posed a risk as well as how it was employed to mitigate the impacts of an adverse event



Virginia Tech Executive Briefing Center, Arlington, VA

Target Audience

Mid- to senior-level meeting and event professionals seeking to understand the specific aspects of integrated security, cybersecurity, data management, and privacy so that they can better support and direct their internal or external partners in maintaining the security of their data, their clients and their events. This course is specifically geared towards arming event professionals with the tools they need to ask the right questions, understand their responsibilities and serve their clients better. 

Fee per Participant

$695; Includes all instruction, course materials, parking, and a networking lunch. Space is limited.

Group discounts are available for organizations sending three or more participants. Please contact Briana Blanchard, Continuing and Professional Education, for more information at or 571-858-3304.


Participants earn .6 CEU and/or 6 CPEs for this course.