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Ph.D. in Business: Concentration in Executive Business Research

The Virginia Tech Ph.D. concentration in Executive Business Research serves experienced executives who seek the advanced knowledge and skills needed to conduct high quality research on critical issues facing the business community.

Tailored for high ability working professionals, this part-time program challenges students to dive deeply into the scholarly literature and master advanced research methods in their chosen business discipline. Students are encouraged to blend this scholarly knowledge with their business experience to create research that provides insightful, evidence-based, and enduring explanations of business phenomena. Importantly, students develop the skills needed to publish their research in leading-edge research journals.

Prospective students should plan a four to five-year commitment to build the credentials needed to earn this unique and rigorous Ph.D. degree. The academic demands in this unique part-time program are on par with that of Pamplin’s full-time Ph.D. program in Business.

Contact Information

Phone: (703) 538-3756

Dr. Viswanath Venkatesh, Interim Director

Annabelle Ombac, Associate Director