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Tom Clark

C.E.O. of Kissito Healthcare
Professional image of Tom Clarke

The Business Ethics Symposium

April 20, 2015 • 7:00 pm

Symposium sponsored by a gift From Jorge (’69) and Lin Del Alamo, Jr. and Robert Hogan, Jr. (’78)

Tom Clarke is Founder of Kissito Healthcare International and President & CEO of parent company Kissito Healthcare. Tom has held leadership positions within large academic teaching hospitals in the University of Massachusetts Medical School system, including those of Associate Administrator and CFO.

As CEO of Kissito Healthcare, Tom has focused on quality and operation improvements for a wide range of post–acute settings over the last 19 years. Tom holds a Master’s of Science in Business with a concentration in Health Care Management from the University of Maine. Tom, his wife Ana, son Samuel and daughters Annasophia and Amelia, enjoy the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains on their farm outside of Roanoke.

Clarke believes business has an ethical responsibility to work with all stakeholders to address the human and environmental impact of business activities. He will discuss his experiences in collaborating with coal industry executives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the challenges of making ethical, not just profitable, decisions in rural health care.