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New Horizons Scholarship Program

The New Horizons Scholarship was established to enrich the multicultural experiences within the Pamplin College of Business. The goal is to attract more students with a diverse background, so that Pamplin students can continue to develop a better understanding and learn of the importance of diversity in higher education and in the workplace. The enhancement of our student population will give them an opportunity to create a diverse and inclusive community, and ideally simulate a diverse work environment. 

The New Horizons Scholarship Program exclusively connects New Horizons Scholars to corporate Diversity Recruitment Sponsors who jointly fund the Scholarship awards. These engagement opportunities include the Scholar Success Conference, New Horizons Company Fair, Inclusion Dinners, and the New Horizons Receptions. Sponsors are also able to present at New Horizons Workshops where corporate DEIB training is brought into an academic setting. Since its inception, over 50 unique companies have been engaged and contributed over $500,000 to the New Horizons Scholarship Fund. This being matched 2-to-1 by the College allowed us to award New Horizons Scholarships to 79 underrepresented and/or underserved students to date. We have maintained an 81% retention rate. Of those who graduated, we have a 100% placement rate to a full-time opportunity or professional school.

Director of Student Success

Emily McCorkle

The New Horizons Scholarship Program is no longer accepting applications.