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Women of Pamplin Luncheon

The Women of Pamplin Luncheon is an annual celebration, every March, in honor of International Women’s History Month. Both Blacksburg and Falls Church Campuses celebrate amongst Pamplin’s faculty and staff. It is an opportunity to come together to build community, share stories, and raise awareness of the diversity of women’s lived experiences and the work that has been and still remains to be done. In honor of all the women of Pamplin who self-identify, we see you, we hear you, YOU MATTER!

  • Female President - 2024
  • BIT Cyber program in Northern Virginia is accredited for state-wide online delivery in partnership with VCCS system and provides upward economic mobility to VA community college graduates, while building a state-wide certificate pipe-line. 
  • New job opportunity will allow me to continue to excel. Teenage son will mature. Practice self care, to love better.
  • Success, health, happiness, and fulfilling life.
  • Becoming a better wife, mom, and me. Providing more financially for my family. Becoming a better friend and comforter.
  • I am praying God will transform my priorities so I can have more time to focus on my purpose. 
  • Yoga, meditation, and prayer daily. More time for professional reflection. Strengthen healthy relationships. Celebrate.
  • Personal Development - to show up more holistically in order to serve others in community. Continually strive to be a better human as an example to my children. 
  • Continued success, positive feedback, happiness.
  • To see the Center for Real Estate Excellence be a viable and meaningful center that enhances the department of Real Estate. 
  • A academic writing group