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Minor in Organizational Leadership (BOLD)

The Minor in Organizational Leadership (BOLD) teaches core foundations of leadership to prepare students to succeed in organizational leadership roles after graduation. Students gain confidence in their leadership skills through academic studies that complement their academic degree. The organizational leadership minor is offered to all Virginia Tech students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. The leadership minor consists for 18 hours of study, including nine hours of management courses, six hours of electives, and three hours of experiential activity. For students in BOLD, nine of the hours can also count toward a student’s Pathways to General Education requirements.

Follow the path to post-graduation success by applying for the organizational leadership minor to stand out in the competitive job market.

Our objectives are for students to:

  • Acquire an appreciation for the leadership and “followership” dimensions of citizenship.
  • Acquire and practice leadership skills in business, not-for-profit, government, military, and civic organizations.
  • Understand and practice the ethics of leadership.
  • Understand differing perspectives on the process of leadership in a global and multicultural context.
  • Understand differing perspectives on the process of leadership in a global and multicultural context.
  • Learn and practice skills for self-leadership, team leadership, project/task leadership, and organizational leadership.
  • Gain understanding of one’s own leadership potential.
  • We believe that all individuals have leadership potential and the capacity to serve others, create opportunities, and work towards the betterment of society.

    This minor will help students to nurture their own leadership skills through multi-disciplinary, experiential education in the history, values, skills and theory of leadership.  It gives students an opportunity to tailor their leadership education and experience to their personal and career needs. Part of the coursework is an individualized leadership service activity which enables students to incorporate leadership into various areas of campus and community life.

The leadership field study experiential activity is a leadership opportunity that you create for yourself. It may take the form of a campus activity, community activity, or an internship that offers significant leadership experience that is consistent with the goals of the minor.

The experience must be pre-approved by Reading Day the semester before you begin your experience, with final approval paperwork submitted by Friday of the first week of classes during the semester you will conduct the experience. If you plan to conduct your experience over the summer, pre-approval is required by April 15th with final paperwork turned in by Reading Day of the spring semester. Pre-approval involves attending an information session or other meeting with the Director of the Business Leadership Center to receive feedback on your idea.

The field study requires 100 hours of leadership experience over a minimum of 8 weeks. Each student must have two mentors who agree to meet with you at least three times during the experience to give you objective feedback on your leadership learning objectives and skill development.

Admission to the minor is competitive, but is open to all Virginia Tech undergraduate students with a 2.50 GPA and 24 hours completed at Virginia Tech.  Application for admission may be made starting sophomore year. Please see our link below or visit either the Business Leadership Center in 2103 Pamplin Hall or the Undergraduate Programs Office in 1046 Pamplin Hall.

Review the checksheet for minor requirements. Then complete the online application at the link below.

Org Leadership Minor checksheet_2-12-21.pdf


If you have an additional question about the Business Leadership Minor, we would like to answer it. Please contact us using the “Get in Touch” button and we will answer any additional questions you may have!