Outright gifts and pledges of $10,000 or more given to the Pamplin College of Business from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.

Individuals $250,000 +
Michael W. Clarke (FIN ’83) and Kathy Clarke (CT ’84)
Estate of Lois Ann W. Dickerson
Estate of Robert H. Digges (BAD ’59)
Shirley A. Edwards (ACCT ’82) and Robert B. Edwards

Individuals $50,000 – $249,999
David L. Calhoun (ACCT ’79) and Barbara Calhoun
Brian Callaghan (PSYC ’93) and Melissa Callaghan
Lynne M. Doughtie (ACCT ’85) and James B. Doughtie (AAEC ’82; M.S., AAEC ’84)
Chiny Y. Driscoll (FIN ’91) and Eric Driscoll
Ted Hanson (ACCT ’91) and Linda Hanson (MGT ’89)
Jeffrey C. Hartman (MGT ’79) and Susan Hartman
James H. Hatch (MACCT ’72)
Todd Headley (ACCT ’85) and Juliann Headley (FIN ’86)
Brian T. Karlisch (PSCI ’93) and Lisa P. Karlisch (PSYC ’93)
John E. Kinzer (ACCT ’90) and Robin Kinzer
William H. Lavinder (FIN ’79, MGT ’79) and Joyce Lavinder
Jacob A. Lutz (FIN ’78) and Robin R. Lutz
Win Sheridan (PSCI ’94)
Estate of Betty R. Spitler
Jeff Veatch (FIN ’93)

Individuals $10,000 – $49,999
C. E. Andrews (ACCT ’74) and Jean Andrews
Robert G. Arnall (ACCT ’81) and Stephanie K. Arnall
Anthony F. Beverina (ME ’88) and Cecilia M. Beverina (STAT ’91)
Gregory L. Carter (FIN ’84) and Elizabeth A. Carter
Bradley A. Casper (FIN ’82) and Kay M. Casper (ANSC ’82)
John W. Colbert, Jr. (ACCT ’89) and Joann B. Colbert
Michael S. Comer (ACCT ’90, MACCT ’91) and Meg F. Comer (PSCI ’01, MAED ’02)
K. P. Cross
Douglas C. Curling (ACCT ’76, MACCT ’77)
Kimberly Davis-Riffe (ACCT ’91)
Chet A. Duke Jr. (BAD ’50)
P. Marshall Fleming (PSCI ’73) and Katherine P. Fleming (ELED ’74)
Carol B. Gardner (ACCT ’81, MACCT ’82) and Jesse D. Gardner (FIN ’80, MBA ’81)
Deborah L. Golden (FIN ’94)
William J. Grupe (FIN ’83)
Michael J. Harrison and Debbie L. Harrison
Andrew E. Harrs Sr. and Marian R. Harrs
Elwood T. Hodnett Jr. (MGT ’72) and Martha Hodnett
Robert F. Hogan Jr. (ACCT ’78, MACCT ’80)
Douglas E. Horne (ACCT ’92) and Valerie Horne
Sheila L. Jackson
Starlette B. Johnson (FIN ’85)
Evan M. Kalfus (ACCT ’92)
Tracy K. Kenny (ACCT ’89) and Timothy F. Kenny
John D. Knightly (ACCT ’95)
Kyle D. Korte (FIN ’02) and Mollie Korte
Michael J. Kosciusko (FIN ’87) and Kathleen Kosciusko
Mark W. Krivoruchka (MGT ’76, MBA ’81) and Terry B. Krivoruchka
Kee H. Lee (ACCT ’80) and Peggy Lee
Carman J. Liuzzo (ACCT ’83) and Rebecca Liuzzo
Rachel L. McCoy (MKTG ’84)
Mary F. McVay (ACCT ’78, MBA ’81)
Floyd W. Merryman III (MGT ’81)
J. Frederick Merz Jr. (ACCT ’57)
Robert C. Morris Jr. (ACCT ’80) and Alicia M. Morris
J. Preston Parker (MSCI ’98) and Erin M. Parker (FIN ’99)
James E. Pearman Jr. (ACCT ’70) and Brenda K. Pearman
Debbie L. Petrine (MGT ’78) and Jim G. Petrine (CE ’80)
James M. Pollard Jr. (BAD ’50) and Marilyn K. Pollard
Scott D. Prince (MKTG ’75) and Mary Prince
John H. Saunders (ACCT ’79) and Danielle O. Saunders
Robert W. Scates Jr. (BAD ’56)
William B. Schwartz (ACCT ’89) and Lorraine H. Reale
John S. Sepple (MBA ’88)
Christopher Shean (ACCT ’87), and Lesley Shean (ELED ’88)
Richard E. Sorensen and Carol A. Sorensen
Mark A. Spencer (FIN ’92) and Tracy S. Spencer (FIN ’92)
Melissa V. Taylor (ACCT ’95) and Brian R. Taylor
Raymond Vicks Jr. (ACCT ’81)
Frank W. Webber Jr. (BAD ’64) and Mary L. Webber
Scott R. Wells (MKTG ’91) and Mary K. Wells
Timothy C. Winder (ACCT ’87) and Linda F. Winder (FIN ’87)
Chris M. Xystros (ACCT ’84) and Cheryl L. Xystros
Kurt A. Zuch (MSCI ’90) and Celeste B. Zuch
Darin A. Zywan (ACCT ’93) and Jennifer F. Zywan (CMST ’94)

Corporations, Foundations and Organizations $10,000 +
Altria Group
Electro-Mechanical Corporation
Kantner Foundation
Leidos Biomedical Research
Leonard Family Foundation
Norfolk Southern
Ratio Cypress
Union Bank and Trust
Wells Fargo Foundation

Douglas G. Stewart (FIN ’83)