Kevin Lane (ACCT ’95, MACCT ’00) moderates a discussion with (from left) Shirley Edwards (ACCT ’82), Kenneth Cooke (ACCT ’92), and Negar Jamshidimehr (FIN ’11, MACIS ’13) on the alumni life cycle during the inaugural Pamplin Engagement Summit in 2019. The 2024 Pamplin Engagement Summit will be held April 18-19, 2024, at Hotel Roanoke. Photo by Brett Lemon for Virginia Tech.

Interim Dean Robin Russell has announced the formation of a steering committee to plan the Pamplin Engagement Summit, which will be held April 18-19, 2024, at Hotel Roanoke. The summit is an opportunity for all members of Pamplin’s department, program, and center advisory boards to participate in an exciting gathering to network, learn about Pamplin’s exciting developments, and engage in community building activities.

The Engagement Summit is sponsored by the Pamplin Community for Leadership and Engagement (PCLE) and Jim Hatch, Pamplin Advisory Council Cabinet member and Chair of the PCLE, will chair the steering committee. 

Steering committee members are as follows:

  • Hudson Aikins (DABS)
  • Baback Bazri (PAC, BIT, PCLE)
  • Caitlin Camire (Advancement)
  • Erin Cardoza (Advancement)
  • Tim Chase (MBA, PCLE)
  • Gary Cole (PAC)
  • Shirley Edwards (PAC Emeritus)
  • Taylor Fitchett (DABS)
  • Marc Galt (REAL)
  • Negar Jamshidimehr (PAC, ACIS, ACIS-EL)
  • Crystal Jefferson (Advancement)
  • Starlette Johnson (PAC, HTM)
  • Grace Kean (DABS)
  • Mike Kender (FIN)
  • Kevin Lane (PAC, ACIS, PCLE)
  • Claudine Lao (DABS, PRISM)
  • Bob McDonald (HTM, PCLE)
  • Jeremy Norman (Advancement)
  • Matt Ogburn (PAC, Pamplin Society)
  • Kim Shanahan (PAC, APEX, MGT)
  • Lauren Stewart (DABS)
  • Amy Transue (Advancement)
  • Michael Vitak (PRAAC, PCLE)