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Best Practices Zoom

Things to consider before starting your recording or lecture:

  • You’re in a quiet space with minimal or no distractions
  • All unnecessary/unwanted programs and tabs are closed
  • The background of your video is professional and not distracting
  • You won’t be disturbed for the duration of the recording/lecture
  • Your space is well lit from in front of you
  • Your audio and video are set to the correct devices

Do: Make sure your area is well lit all around

Try your best to not have a bright light or a window behind you. The light coming from it will overpower your camera and your face will be dark.

Do: Use a webcam with microphone or headset.

Most computers are now equipped with pretty good microphones and cameras these days. So if you’re unable to obtain one of these you should be fine. However, to get the best audio a pair of headphones or a webcam with a mic can be used just for clarities sake.

Do: Test your audio/video beforehand using the settings tab

Making sure that your audio and video are working and on the right settings prior to your recording/lecture can make things flow smoothly and lessen any nervousness you may have.

Do: Make sure you fill the whole camera box and that it’s positioned head on.

If you’re sharing content your video gets much smaller so sitting far away from your camera only makes you that much smaller. If you have your camera positioned at an upward angle your students will be looking up your nose.

Do: Divide your recorded lectures into smaller segments

Smaller snippets are easier to digest than an hour long lecture when students aren’t in a physical class where interactions can occur.

Do: Be enthusiastic.

Since you’re not interacting with your students during a live class period, being enthusiastic about your material can help your students stay engaged. When you’re passionate about something it can be better retained than a 30 minute lecture just going over slides.

Do: Practice!

There is nothing wrong with practicing your lecture to make you feel more comfortable with the software and teaching in this new format. There’s a lot of learning happening from all sides right now.

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