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Pamplin Giving Day Toolkit 2021

What is Giving Day?

It’s a 24-hour fundraising sprint, driven by ambassadors who want to maximize the good Virginia Tech can do for our students and global communities. Giving Day is championed by Hokie alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, and friends of the university.

Basically, it’s a massive, worldwide, virtual party celebrating Virginia Tech — and everyone’s invited. This year, Giving Day falls on February 24-25, 2021, from noon-noon EST.

On Giving Day, our ambassadors talk about the Pamplin College of Business and the impacts we have on the world. They challenge fellow alumni and friends to support the college and its departments.


Why be an Ambassador?

It’s important to give back, but your impact is multiplied when you inspire others to do the same.

That’s why we’re seeking Giving Day ambassadors. These ambassadors are asked to amplify the philanthropic spirit of Giving Day, whether through email, social media, phone calls, or texts. The result is a community of people rallying around a cause our ambassadors care deeply about: advancing the Pamplin College of Business.

Make your ambassadorship official

Sign up with Virginia Tech via the portal on the university’s Giving Day website.

Perks of signing up

  • Personal ambassador dashboard
  • Access to downloads like social media images
  • Access to social media and email templates
  • Ability to view the names of all donors who have given using your personal Giving Day link as well as total dollars raised by your network (individual gift amounts will not be viewable)

Check out what’s available in Virginia Tech’s Giving Day ambassador toolkit.

Tips for How to Sign Up as an Ambassador

  • You can sign up to be an ambassador any time until Giving Day ends.
  • Select Pamplin as Ambassador affinity.  (note: you can select more than one affinity).  This allows Pamplin to know you were representing us in your outreach for Giving Day 2021.
  • Be sure to watch for and complete the confirmation email after signing up.
  • If something doesn’t work, contact Pamplin Advancement or simply re-register.
  • While we welcome your participation as an Ambassador for Giving Day 2021, please know that serving as an Ambassador is not a requirement to give.  If you prefer to share this opportunity with your network using your own communication methods (phone, email, mail, social media etc) that is fine.  



How Ambassadors Can Help

Find what works for you and get involved.

Make your gift on Giving Day

Follow the instructions on the Pamplin College of Business Giving Day page to make your gift. You can designate to the college or your department when you fill out the form using the dropdown menu.

Post to your social networks

This is a huge part of being an ambassador — so huge. Use the official hashtag on all Giving Day posts so it will be centrally visible:  #VTGivingDay

Send emails

Use Virginia Tech’s themed email templates in the ambassador toolkit and customize to your specific department and personal experience.

Phone a friend

Giving Day is a good excuse to ring up a friend and get them involved. Not a fan of calling? Send a text — point them to

Tune in

Log into your social media platforms and see what the university, college, or your home department is sharing on Giving Day. Help share content, leave a comment, and browse the #VTGivingDay hashtag to see how others are celebrating Virginia Tech.


Mark Your Calendars

Now: Sign up to be a Giving Day ambassador through Virginia Tech’s online platform.

Urge your friends to do the same. Go to the Giving Day website to sign up.

February 24-25, from noon-noon EST: Giving Day

  • Make your gift to the Pamplin College of Business or your home department’s annual fund.
  • Send at least two emails (hopefully more) to invite your Hokie friends, family, colleagues and others to support Pamplin on Giving Day.
  • Change out your profile picture on social media using the ambassador resources provided and share posts about why you give.
  • Follow Virginia Tech platforms and share the university’s Giving Day posts that most inspire you.


Why Giving Day?

It’s no secret that public universities today cannot depend on traditional funding sources.

Higher education is a discretionary item in state budgets, meaning it’s liable to be cut in times of financial uncertainty, according to the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. COVID-19 has proven this point for public universities especially. With growing enrollments, sometimes funding needs are not necessarily met by state appropriations.

But if Virginia Tech is to continue growing, being on the forefront of the massive changes in the higher education landscape, and keeping pace with industry, finding other sources of support is crucial.

That’s where our alumni and their enthusiasm for Virginia Tech come in to help fill the gap.

We depend on the support of our alumni to propel the Pamplin College of Business forward, and Giving Day is one exciting way to celebrate the generous philanthropy of our Ut Prosim-minded donors.


Quick Facts

  • This is Virginia Tech’s third annual Giving Day, with previous events happening in 2018 and 2019. Giving Day 2020 was postponed due to COVID-19.
  • In 2019, the University raised $2,863,031 from 6,674 gifts.
  • Any size gift matters! You can make a gift of $5 or more to participate in Virginia Tech Giving Day.
  • Throughout Giving Day, you’ll see a variety of challenges. Often sponsored by fellow alumni, these are opportunities to maximize your donation’s impact by unlocking additional dollars for your department or college.
  • Donating to your college and/or department’s annual fund allows the flexibility to help in all areas, from research to scholarships, to specific student and faculty needs, and to other opportunities that advance our land-grant, service-inspired mission.

Give to Pamplin

Give Before Feb. 23 and lay the foundation for Giving Day

Give on Giving Day


Crystal Jefferson
Crystal Jefferson

Crystal Jefferson
Director of Engagement
Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business

Marise Robbins-Forbes
Marise Robbins-Forbes

Marise Robbins-Forbes
Director of Development
Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business