Virginia Tech is undergoing the most rapid change since the 1960s, and Pamplin is helping to lead that change.

Pamplin’s academic programs are experiencing creative destruction. During just the past two years, we have eliminated four degree programs and created three others. We have also moved Virginia Tech’s real-estate degree into the college, where it will benefit from the resources and focus of the business school while retaining its inter-college instruction. I want to welcome the program director, Kevin Boyle, and his staff, as well as the real-estate students to Pamplin.

The creation of new programs that align better with the needs of our economy and the interests of our students will continue the growth we are experiencing. This fall, Pamplin will enroll over 5,000 students.

As a part of Virginia Tech, Pamplin has strong programs that give our students practice using analytics and data to make quality business decisions. We are enhancing programs that teach students to develop and manage technology and security, including cyber security.

As we finalize plans to replace Pamplin Hall, we are moving toward becoming the first business school to include an immersive environment to help students experience and respond to a range of simulated disasters, whether they are natural or man-made.

Our constantly developing programs help to set Pamplin apart from other business schools and bring opportunity to our alumni.
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