Pamplin students are more prepared than ever — look at the numbers, or just ask the students. We welcomed over 1,100 new undergraduates through 22 orientation sessions during the summer. Afterwards, 98 percent of survey respondents agreed that they were prepared for beginning their college careers in Pamplin; 97 percent enjoyed the orientation experience. Our entering freshmen are indeed well prepared for college, with an average high school GPA of 4.00 and an average SAT over 1,250. This group is also more representative of Virginia than ever before, with demographics more closely mirroring the state.

With a Pamplin degree, our graduates will also be well prepared for their careers and lives. Our students have many opportunities to meet with alumni and other business leaders. Chris Shean and Christina Todd, featured in this issue, are examples of active alumni willing to help students. We have organized a range of programs for mentoring and experiential learning. Faculty members such as Tabitha James, Chris Zobel, and Juan Nicolau, all featured in this issue, provide a richer education through their contacts and research. All students can participate in PUMP (Pamplin Undergraduate Mentoring Program), where upperclassmen and some alumni work with freshmen on a regular basis. Dozens of student organizations help with team building and often provide contacts and experiences specific to students’ future careers.

More alumni than ever are supporting Pamplin. Private philanthropy allows us to go beyond a quality classroom experience to give our students the Pamplin difference — the range of experiences for practical success. If you have donated, thank you. If you have not, please consider helping our students and programs with a donation now or during Giving Day, March 19-20, 2019.

Robert Sumichrast
Twitter: @Sumichrast