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    From left: Lisa Carlson, Kevin Carlson, Robert Sumichrast, Howard Feiertag, Eric Martin, Michelle Harding, Anne-Sophie Chaxel, Lynn Almond, Paul Herr. Photo by Jeff Greenough
    Holiday reception , article

    The college’s faculty and staff gathered for the annual holiday reception last December.

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    From left: Hefny Mohamed, a visiting scholar; hospitality and tourism management professor Mahmood Khan; alumnus Shawn Lee; Howard Feiertag; Nancy McGehee; and master’s students Farida Mohamed, Mohammed Zaheer Ghulam Moinuddin, and DoYoung Kim. In front: Amanda Baden, also a master’s student. (Photo credit: Holly Cromer)
    Hospitality gala , article

    Longtime faculty member Howard Feiertag was honored at a gala last November in metro Washington D.C.

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    Dean Robert Sumichrast, Johanna Le, Lauren Grocott, Dianne Naff, Ryan Naff (back), Michael Mirandi, Robin Russell. Photos by Oliver Meredith
    Honors banquet , article

    Scholarship donors and their recipients were recognized at the college’s Honors Banquet last November.

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    From left: Tom Nally, president, TD Ameritrade Institutional; Davis Gardner; Cade Phillips; and Kate Healy, managing director, Generation Next. Photo by LILA PHOTO for TD Ameritrade Institutional
    Financial planners , article

    Seniors Davis Gardner and Cade Philips were among students who attended TD Ameritrade Institutional’s annual conference.

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    Madhuri Sankuri, wife of an MBA student, plays the sitar at the International Festival of Light, organized by hospitality and tourism management master’s students.
    Diwali , article

    Hospitality and tourism management master’s students organized an International Festival of Light celebration.

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    New Zealand is known for adventure and eco-tourism, said Lance Matheson, whose program combined visits to businesses, such as a winery, with outdoor activities, (including optional skydiving), and cultural excursions. Jill Stickel does a tandem jump with the instructor parachutist, who handles the parachute during the experience. Photo courtesy of Jill Stickel
    Wintermester abroad , article

    Some Pamplin students spent part of winter break studying abroad in faculty-led programs focusing on resort management.

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    At the Spring Entrepreneurship Kickoff in January, about 200 students showed up to meet and collaborate with other students who are building new ventures and learn from companies about problems to solve in their fields. (Photo by Rachel Albrecht)
    Calling all entrepreneurs , article

    The Apex Center for Entrepreneurs organized a variety of programs aimed at helping budding entrepreneurs thrive.

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    From left, back row: Kevin Sheehan, William Unterkofler, Michael Swisher, Patrick Marcinko; front row: Eliana Gerb, Sanjana Pasupuleti, Colleen Chrisman. Photo by George Morgan
    Student Investors , article

    BASIS students visited banks and other financial firms in Charlotte, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia.

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    Photo courtesy of Bonnie Gilbert
    Charlotte networkers , article

    Bank of America sponsored a networking reception for alumni and friends in Charlotte, North Carolina, in January.

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    Photo courtesy of Dana Hansson
    MBAs at Homecoming , article

    MBA students from the National Capital Region enjoyed a Graduate Student Assembly-sponsored tailgate in Blacksburg last October.

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    Women in Business
    Women in Business , article

    Panelists discussed career navigating and negotiating at the Women in Business – New York reception last October for alumni and friends.