The Feiertag Hospitality Academy-to-Industry Research Collection makes hospitality research easily accessible to industry professionals, academic scholars, students, and others.

Named for Howard Feiertag, a longtime instructor after whom Pamplin’s nationally and internationally ranked hospitality and tourism management department has also been named, the electronic collection has been growing steadily since it was established in 2017 in University Libraries’ VTechWorks.

Feiertag sought to bridge the gap between industry and academe through an open source of research and information on hospitality management for industry leaders and practitioners as well as academic faculty and students.

The collection has so far gathered 689 submissions of summaries of works that include academic articles, trade or industry articles, and electronic theses and dissertations.

“Our goal is over 800 by May,” said hospitality and tourism management instructor Candace Fitch, who is overseeing the collection’s growth and development. Graduate student assistants under her supervision create and submit the summaries.

The collection covers wide-ranging topics in hospitality, including sales, revenue management, hotel operations, and hotel management.

“It has garnered more than 1,750 views, averaging over 50 views a month — with no advertising or marketing to the industry,” Fitch said. “It has been viewed in 42 countries that we track, the most visitors being in the U.S., France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, and China.”

Links to the collection are also on Feiertag’s blog “Howard Sez” and @howardsezVT .