This past weekend, PRISM, a student-run advertising agency housed in the Pamplin College of Business, traveled to Roanoke, Va, to attend the 2018 Western American Advertising Awards, otherwise known as “The Addy’s”, where PRISM was awarded their second Addy.

On a national level, The Addy’s attract an impressive 40,000 plus entries from local ad club competitions, making it the advertising industry’s largest, most representative competition. The night consisted of two groups of awards, student and professional.

PRISM competed in the Professional Category for its 2017 Rebranding Reel, competing against top agencies and companies such as Carilion Clinic. Although PRISM is a student-run organization, the professional and high-level caliber in which it operates allows it to compete as a professional organization rather than a student organization.

Rachel Bryner, PRISM’s Director of Multimedia, speaks on the award-winning video. “This video not only showcases the work we do, but also who we are and what we have accomplished. The video team was so proud to have gotten this award. It took a lot of hard work and commitment to make the video, and it was wonderful to see all of our hard work translate into something and be recognized.”

The video’s outstanding visuals and overall content earned it a Silver Addy, making for grand total of seven awards for PRISM. The organization proudly holds three Telly Awards, one Muse Award and now two Addy Awards.

Bri Ehle, PRISM’s Executive Director of Talent, Operations and Culture, explained what this award means to PRISM, “This means a lot to all of our members, as we all hand a hand in the making of our organization’s fun culture and dedication to hard work that showed through in the reel. Every award we win, is a huge reward for every member to be able to include on their resumes and portfolios, so the Silver Addy is helping us to grow professionally as individuals as well!”

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About PRISM:

PRISM is an interdisciplinary advertising agency, run by the next generation of creatives, strategists, analysts, and marketing mavens. The organization’s members comprise of a variety of majors with diverse talents that help create PRISM’s unique work. As student advertisers, they have a deep understanding of the ever-changing digital landscape and have a close eye on the latest trends.