Method for Instruction

Asynchronous/Recording Instruction 

Consider Using IF...

  •  You teach multiple sessions of the same course. Given you will be handling more questions via chat, email, and phone, this can save time.
  • Your course does not require real-time interaction between students or faculty.

Synchronous/Live Instruction 

Consider Using IF...

  • You have courses that utilize real-time interaction between faculty or students

Method for Office Hours

A variety of options are available:

  • Zoom Platform
    Zoom offers a “waiting room” option which allows the host to admit on student at a time. This is a good method for hosting office hours.
  • Discussion Forums in Canvas
  • Skype for Business Chats

TLOS has prepared information on ensuring class materials can be distributed electronically, if needed.

If you need any hardware or assistance, please put in a ticket at

Resources Available