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Sydney Bell

(2022, FIN and REAL Major)

Why did you pick your major and what’s your dream job? 

  • I picked Finance as my major because both of my parents are in banking and it has always interested me! My dream job would be a food connoisseur!!

What advice do you have for Pamplin students? 

  • Ask as many questions as you can and make connections with advisors, professors, and classmates early on because you never know when you may need them!

Where have you interned, what did you do, and how was your experience? 

  • The summer before Junior year I interned for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. There, I was an assistant examiner intern which meant I was taking a deep dive into many aspects of a bank to make sure they were meeting federal standards. My experience was awesome! I took away so many skills and improved my ability to work in a team so much in just one summer.

    Last summer I interned for Bank of America. I was a Credit and Wholesale Banking intern. This summer, I dealt a lot with financial statements, such as spreading and analysing trends as well as a community service project with the Smithsonian Museum. My experience at Bank of America was amazing. I met so many wonderful people within the industry and learned more than I could have anticipated. 

What is your favorite part about being a peer advisor? 

  • The best part about being a peer advisor is knowing that you helped guide someone in the right direction and eased some of their stress by just answering some questions!