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Jessi Cohen

(2023, MKTG Major)

Why did you pick your major and what’s your dream job? 

  • I love the creative design part of marketing and hope to work for a company that's pushing the boundaries of marketing and creating innovative campaigns.

What advice do you have for Pamplin students?

  • Talk to your advisor on day 1 to start getting a sense of your 4-year plan. Also go to GobblerFest and get involved with organizations on campus.

Where have you interned, what did you do, and how was your experience? 

  • Since the winter, I've interned at Gotransverse, an accounting billing software company based in Austin, TX, and have worked as their Digital Marketing Intern where I'm in charge of all of their social media platforms, I use Adobe Suite to create official company white papers, graphics, and videos and work in a variety of softwares like Salesforce, ZoomInfo, and G2 to detect MQLs and add to specific segmented email campaigns.

What is your favorite part about being a peer advisor? 

  • I'm excited to help freshmen find their place in Pamplin and Virginia Tech! The school has so much to offer and if I can help just one person, I've made all the difference.