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Drew Ellison

(2023, FIN and BIT Major)

Why did you pick your major and what’s your dream job?

  • I chose to double major in Finance and Business Information Technology because I love math, analytics, and problem solving as it relates to the business industry. I think my majors create a really cool combination, providing me with a wide range of technical skills needed to succeed in the business world.

What advice do you have for Pamplin students? 

  • One piece of advice I'd give to Pamplin students is to keep an open mind and truly consider all of your options for majors/minors. We come to college to find the career path that fits us best-- don't be afraid to change your major if you discover something new that you love! This is coming from someone who has changed her mind multiple times, and even though I am on a completely different path than where I was my freshman year, I know I've finally ended up where I am supposed to be.

Where have you interned, what did you do, and how was your experience? 

  • This summer I was able to intern in Richmond, Virginia at a multi-disciplinary development and design firm. I worked with the company's lead project manager to conduct research and gather interpretive content for projects, develop presentations and marketing materials, and overall help with the firm's business development needs.

What is your favorite part about being a peer advisor? 

  • My favorite thing about being a peer advisor is being able to meet so many Pamplin students and hear about each person's unique experience at Virginia Tech. Plus, it makes me happy to help other Hokies in any way I can!