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Kashi Nikore

VP of Marketing (2022, MKTG Major)

Why did you pick your major and what's your dream job?
I've always known I wanted to pursue a career where I could not only make money and be successful, but also learn a balance of hard skills and soft skills. The opportunities that the Marketing Department has are unmatched! My professors have become mentors and friends, and they've been able to connect me with amazing learning and job opportunities I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. My dream job is to be a White House Press Secretary.

What advice do you have for Pamplin students?
Develop a relationship with your advisor and get involved in activities both in and out of Pamplin. With online courses, make everything in your calendar due the day before it's actually due! That way if you miss something, you have an extra day to recover and you're never technically procrastinating!

Where have you interned, what did you do, and how was your experience?
My most recent internship was for a small digital marketing agency, and I enjoyed working remotely and having a fair amount of creative freedom. My internship before that was as a Communications & Research Intern for a non-profit called The Hometown Project, which connected celebrities with local candidates to turn out the vote in their hometowns. It was a lot of research on celebrities and candidates, but my favorite part was making maps!

What is your favorite part about being a peer advisor?
Learning about the variety of student experiences, no two people that come to peer advising are the same and there is always something to learn from them!