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Dawson Racek

(2023, FIN and MGT Major)

Why did you pick your major and what’s your dream job?

  • I have always dreamed on making an impact on peoples’ lives. I have grown up managing money for my own endeavors and have found a passion for managing capital for corporations. My dream job is to become a CFO of a Fortune 500 company. This goal has stemmed from my passion to impact people from an organizational perspective. I was told at a young age “If you understand how a company handles their capital then you know the whole company.” Majoring in Corporate Finance allows me to grow into a role where I can serve a company to manage their capital with the goal of growth. I chose Management to build on my leadership skills so I am able to lead a company towards positive growth.

What advice do you have for Pamplin students? 

  • Network! Reaching out to industry professionals, students, alumni, professors, etc. never hurts. I have met with very high-level professionals just by reaching out. Building those relationships can not only land you a job but help you excel in your future job.

Where have you interned, what did you do, and how was your experience? 

  • I have interned with 2 organizations. First, being a startup. I interned with The Brag House starting as a Marketing Team leader. I lead our branding efforts at Virginia Tech and within the whole SEC conference. I was promoted quickly to a Financial Analyst and Investor Relations intern. Being a part of a startup was an excellent experience because I was able to wear many hats. My main deliverables were conducting Venture Capital research and investor diligence. My second internship was with a Fortune 500 corporation. I was an Innovation & Investor Relations intern. I was tasked to lead the creation of a Venture arm so we could increase our Innovation profile. Starting this Corporate Venture Capital arm was the most beneficial experience I have sown into during my college tenure. I was able to build valuable relationships with industry partners, venture capitalists, and the executive & senior leadership teams.

What is your favorite part about being a peer advisor? 

  • I love being able to build relationships with fellow Pamplin students and serve them in the capacity of their growth in college!