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NEW: Pamplin Virtual Internship & Career Fair

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | 10am – 2pm | Brazen Online Platform

Pamplin Career Services is excited to offer our Virtual Internship & Career Fair this Fall 2023 for Pamplin students and employers! This event is an opportunity for students to connect virtually with employers seeking externs, interns, and full-time candidates.

Pamplin Students – Register via Brazen Here!

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New to Brazen? Click here for the Brazen Student Guide to read helpful information regarding the platform and navigating a career fair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

After entering the virtual fair online, you will see virtual booths for each company in the “lobby”. Students can click to enter and read more about the company and their opportunities. There will be an option to click to enter the virtual queue line to wait to chat with a company representative.

Click here for instructional videos on how to navigate the Brazen virtual career fair platform.

Students will need o register for the fair online (see student registration information above). Once registered, you will receive e-mail confirmations from Brazen. On the day of the fair, visit to log in to your account and access the event.

Once you have entered the line to chat, you will be automatically placed into a text-based chat when a representative becomes available. The employer will have the option to invite you to a video chat within Brazen once connected. Make sure that you are prepared for either option.

You will upload your resume when you sign up on the Brazen platform. When you enter a chat, they will be able to view your resume.

You can change your status to offline by toggling the button on the left hand side of the screen. This saves your spot, but you won’t be put into a chat until you are back online.

Yes, you will be able to log into Brazen at any time after you are registered and view the employer booths in the lobby. We recommend logging in early to conduct research and get familiar with the platform.

The chat time limits may vary depending on fair traffic and employer preferences. The recruiter will control the chat length and be able to end a conversation when ready. Follow the recruiter’s cues when they are wrapping up a conversation by asking for contact information or follow-up steps, and thanking them for their time.

Yes, you can be in multiple lines at once. We recommend waiting in no more than 2 lines at a time. Waiting in too many lines in once may cause a glitch where a student is “stuck” continuously in lines without being put into a chat.

All conversations during the event will be 1 on 1 with a company representative.

Yes, your chats will be saved. Click the history button the left hand side to view.

If you find that you are running out of time and unable to chat with every company on your list, we recommend using the “Drop-Off Note” feature within Brazen. This allows you to send a brief note and your information (including resume) to the recruiter.

Company representatives can invite students to chat in their booth. Be sure to act on any e-mails you receive. 

Tips for a Sucessful Virtual Career Fair

  • Use Chrome for the best experience – Brazen operates best on this web browser
  • Find a quiet space with a neutral background in case your recruiter invites you to a video chat
  • Prepare for the event by researching our attending companies, and making a plan for which booths you’d like to visit
  • Do your research beforehand! You can log into Brazen and view the company booths before the event starts. Spend some time looking through the virtual booths and opportunities to plan your time for the fair.
  • Keep and take notes – one of the benefits of a virtual fair is that you can keep notes handy, and take notes on what the company shares during your conversation. You will also be able to write brief notes directly in Brazen after your conversation ends.  

Additional questions about virtual career fair prep? Schedule a 1:1 career services appointment with Pamplin Career Services. 


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