New Student Orientation FAQ

New Student Orientation Questions

Please visit the New Student and Family Programs website for orientation dates and deadlines.  You will also find instructions for orientation registration on this site.  

You will register for orientation through HokieSpa.  For step-by-step instructions on how to register, please visit the New Student and Family Programs website. 

Yes.  Orientation is required for all incoming students.  You will receive information at orientation that is critical to your success as a Hokie.  You will also receive your fall schedule at orientation. 

You will need to contact New Student Programs (540) 231-3284 for information on changing your orientation dates.  Please be aware that New Student and Family Programs may not be able to accommodate all requests.  

If you miss orientation or you are not able to register for a session, please contact New Student and Family Programs (540) 231-3284 as soon as possible.  

Orientation will be held in various locations across campus.  The Pamplin College of Business sessions will take place in Hancock Hall and Newman Library.  

Parent and Family Orientation includes information for new Hokie families to help answer questions and address concerns about student life at Virginia Tech.  

Transfer Credit Questions

Please email Keith Gay (last names A-G), Justin Grady (last names H-O) or Leigh Anne Byrd (last names P-Z) to get more information on transfer credits and tentative graduation plans. 

For information about Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) credits, please refer to the university’s Transfer Guide.  If you had your scores sent to Virginia Tech, you will be able to view the credits in HokieSpa.  If you did not have your scores sent to Virginia Tech, please contact College Board as soon as possible.  We will discuss transfer credits (AP/IB/DE) at Orientation.  

Virginia Tech accepts a large number of credits from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) as well as other two and four-year institutions.  Please refer to the university’s Transfer Guide for information on transferring credits and course equivalency.  

Please have a copy of your official transcript sent to the University Registrar at the following address:

Office of the University Registrar
250 Student Services Building
Blacksburg, VA 24061

If you are an incoming transfer student, please have a copy of your official transcript sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in addition to the University Registrar.  

Class Schedule/Major Questions

All new students have a registration hold on their account until they attend orientation.  The hold will be lifted when you check in for the Pamplin College of Business session.   If you are not able to attend orientation, or you miss your scheduled date, the hold will remain on your account.  Please contact New Student and Family Programs if you are not able to attend orientation.   

Your advisor will register you for required courses prior to orientation.  You will have the opportunity to schedule additional classes at orientation.  You will not be able to view or make changes to your schedule prior to orientation.  If you do not attend orientation, a registration hold will prohibit you from viewing your schedule.  Please contact New Student and Family Programs if you are not able to attend orientation.  

New students typically take 15-16 credit hours in their first two semesters.  Most students are enrolled in General Education (Pathways) courses and Pamplin core business requirements in the first year.  However, the courses you take will depend on any credit (transfer/AP/IB/DE) you transfer to Virginia Tech.

Specific questions about double majors and minors cannot be addressed at orientation.  However, you should plan to meet with your academic advisor in the fall semester to create a four year plan that incorporates second majors, minors, study abroad, etc.  

Major changes prior to enrollment are handled through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  Major changes are NOT guaranteed.  Please email to make the major change request.  

No.  A new student is not eligible to change, declare, or add a second major until the change major period following their first semester of enrollment.  

Other Questions

2-Factor authentication is a high-security login process.  Virginia Tech uses Duo Security to ask individuals for a secondary confirmation of their identity at log-in.  For more information, please visit the Division of Information Technology website.  If possible, please enroll in 2-Factor authentication prior to attending orientation.  

FERPA stands for the “Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or 1974.”  This law guarantees individuals’ rights to the access of their academic record.  The law also provides guidelines for third party access.  For more information, please visit the University Registrar website.  You will also hear more about FERPA at orientation.    

The Pamplin College of Business has specific computer requirements for incoming students.  Please visit the Pamplin Office of Information Technology website for more information on the minimum specifications.  Pamplin’s Director of Information Technology will also present at orientation.