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Deans Advisory Board of Students (DABS)

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About Us

The Deans Advisory Board of Students (DABS) is a Pamplin organization where a group of 20-25 students are selected to work with Interim Dean Russell and Dean Khansa to advise and be the eyes of the business school. We work to bring about new programs  and changes as well as suggesting new, different ideas to consistently improve Pamplin and the community inside of it.

Our Mission

Dean's Advisory Board of Student's goal is to create a more inclusive and accommodating environment inside of Pamplin so that students have the ability to reach their full potential

Responsibilities Include

  • Providing student input on upcoming changes inside of Pamplin
  • Hold office hours to talk with undergraduates
  • Help run Student Town Hall events
  • Bridge the gap between the student body and the Dean's of Pamplin
  • Pitch ideas that improve Pamplin's academic experience