The Pamplin Business Services Center (BSC) operates under the Associate Dean for Administration and provides financial and human resource support to all non-academic areas managed by the Dean. The BSC also acts as a resource for administrative issues handled by Pamplin academic areas including the undergraduate and graduate programs. The goal of the BSC is to provide high-quality customer service, while maintaining compliance with university, state, and federal regulations.

Areas Supported by the Business Center

Research • Development • Alumni Relations • Undergraduate Advising • International Programs • Apex Systems Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship • Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics • Marketing and Social Media • Information Technology • Communications

Who to Contact


Beth Osborne
Beth Osborne, M.Ed., PHR, SHRM-CP
Director of Finance,
Center Director
(540) 231-2146
Dean’s Area Administrative Operations
»Financial Planning
»Human Resources
»Endowment Management
  Samantha Gagnet
Scholarship & Special Projects Coordinator
Pamplin Business Services Center
»Front Office Assistant
»Scholarship Coordinator
»Accounts Payable Specialist for Student Recruitment
»Records Custodian
Ashley Crawford
Ashley Crawford, M.B.A.
Business Manager
(540) 231-7372
» Centralized Budgets and Financial Reporting
» Reporting
» Transfers, Gift Reporting, and Fund Management
» Specialist
» Agreement Custodian
Jackie McClanahan
Jackie McClanahan
HR Coordinator
(540) 231-2180
»Faculty and Staff Actions
»New Hire and Payroll Specialist
»Employee Records Custodian
»Sponsored Grant Specialist
Cindy Williams Cindy Williams
Business Services Center Coordinator
(540) 231-4895
»Accounts Payable Specialist
»Vendor Liaison
»Procurement and Travel Specialist
»Financial Transaction Reconciliation
»Financial Records Custodian