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Recent Graduate! Now What?

Stay in the Know

Engagement Timeline

Years One to Three

  • Stay in touch with professors
  • Ask employer to help recruit at Business Horizons, in-classes, or on-campus
  • Donate
  • Look at joining local alumni groups
  • Go back to campus for sporting events
  • Connect with VT pages on LinkedIn and other social media

 Years Four to Seven

  • Apply for RAB and other advisory boards
  • Increase local alumni group engagement and consider taking an executive role
  • Work with your employer's recruiting department to ensure VT candidates are being sought out
  • Become a mentor through PUMP or an informal arrangement

 Years Eight to Ten (and beyond)

  • Continue building out employer relationship with VT
  • If in a new city without a major VT presence, build out an alumni group
  • Get involved in more senior alumni groups within Pamplin or in certain departments

Find Your Local Hokies

Give Back

Connect on Social Media

Questions? Find resources and contacts on the alumni relations pages.