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Force Add

The Pamplin College of Business has a common platform for requesting a course to be force added administratively into your schedule. 

The department offering the course determines if and how force-adding will be completed. If you are force-added you will not have the ability to change a course section on your own. 

What is Force Add?

Force-adding is an administrative process that allows the department offering the course to place students into courses they cannot add themselves. A common reason for a force add is unprocessed transfer credit for pre-requisite courses students have taken at other institutions.

Common Reasons to Force Add rather than Add during Add/Drop

Requirements Issues. For various reasons you may not be able to add the class yourself during the add/drop period. This could include:

  1. Prerequisites were recently complete outside of VT and your student record hasn't been updated. [You will need to provide supporting documents that the prerequisite has been completed]
  2. The class is restricted by major, but the class is required for your degree or minor
  3. The class is restricted by major, but you need the class prior to Change of Major
  4. Class requires a department/faculty approval
  5. Currently retaking a prerequisite 

Section is Full. Department try to having the adequate number of seats for all courses, but sometimes space is limited. If you need the class to stay on track, to graduate, you can request.

Please Note:
Absolutely No Section Changes
Will be Processed by the ACIS Department. If you drop the class, you may not be added back into it.

How quickly are Force Adds processed?

You will be notified via email when your force add has been processed. Each department will process the force adds as quickly as they can; however, there are many factors including priorities, seat counts, and restrictions. 

All force adds will be processed by the last day to add a class of each semester.

Additional Information

Force-add information for each business department can be found below.

* Please submit requests as soon as you can for the best chance

Fall 2022 Dates

August 1 - August 26*