Over the weekend of October 28-30, 2016, the Zeta Upsilon chapter of Delta Sigma Pi (DSP), a professional business fraternity within the Pamplin School of Business, celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since Zeta Upsilon’s establishment at Virginia Tech in 1966, over 1000 brothers have lived out DSP’s values of professional development, service, and scholarship. The weekend was marked with a number of events to commemorate the accomplishment for the 1049 initiated brothers. These events offered opportunities for active members and alumni to connect, including a happy hour at Hokie House, a lunch and a semi-formal gala at the Inn at Virginia Tech.

Current president, Shanna Ferrari, became involved with DSP her freshman year. “This is probably the biggest event I’ve been to with alumni,” said Ferrari. “It’s unbelievable and awesome. Eye-opening especially–I was not expecting to be so in shock of everyone here today.” The appreciation for the fraternity was evident through the sheer number of alumni that came back for the 50th celebration.

From charter members to active members, there were a wide range of brothers who returned to Virginia Tech for the celebration. DSP has positively impacted each brother differently, whether they are an active brother or alumni celebrating their 50th reunion.

Gary Mead, member of the Winter 1974 pledge class, described his impression of the current members and the legacy they have continued.“I see them as kids who are highly motivated and dedicated,” said Mead. “They’re serious about what they’re doing while they’re in school and preparing for their future.”

Roy Dodson echoed this thought, describing his brothers when he was active as very focused. “As I’ve gotten older, the youth is very evident to me,” said Dodson. “Yet the same spirit still seems to be there. I continue to be impressed with the quality, caliber and enthusiasm and what appears to be good professional focus that these members have.”

For recent alumni and former president Emily Gabor, her favorite part of this weekend was seeing her brothers again.

“[There were] a lot of people that I’ve kept in touch with and a lot of people I’ve kind of lost touch with,” said Gabor, “But at the same time you see them again after years and it’s like nothing changed. You can still catch up on each others lives and see where they’re at [in life].”

With the strong support of alumni and a tight-knit brotherhood of active members, the future of DSP at Virginia Tech looks bright. “I see DSP becoming bigger and continuing the traditions,” said Ferrari.  “This reunion reminds people what DSP is all about. So the traditions will keep going and we will just become more influential in Pamplin and hopefully throughout Virginia Tech as well.”

For more information on the Zeta Upsilon chapter of DSP, visit the website.