The future of the Pamplin College of Business was further unveiled to an eager crowd of students gathered in the Pamplin Atrium this past Wednesday. Dean Robert T. Sumichrast led the presentation with a speech highlighting the opportunities surrounding the Global Business and Analytics Complex that will break ground in 2020. This $250 million project will rely on a percentage of private donations—an exciting opportunity for alumni to contribute to the future of Pamplin.

“This is a once in a life-time opportunity for us to really elevate the business school. You can’t do it without the right kind of facilities so it’s about the design of the facilities. What we want to do is leap-frog other business schools and do something that no one else has thought about doing.” – Dean Sumichrast

Next, Dean Sumichrast played a video highlighting the key features of the future of Pamplin. The GBAC will include two new academic buildings and two new residential building that will offer a community for students in Pamplin, as well as in other disciplines. Pamplin plans create an experience unlike any other business schools with a modern, open academic building much like that of the Facebook office and an interdisciplinary living-learning community where students will be able to experience their fields rather than just read about it.

“I think the excitement that surrounds Pamplin is finally going to have our day in the sun. We are finally taking the position and the future of Pamplin is innovation, it’s exploration, and we’re really focusing on business as a force for good and for growth.” – Donna Wertalik, Director of Marketing for Pamplin College of Business

After his initial presentation, Dean Sumichrast fielded questions from students in the audience. In his responses, the Dean highlighted a new minor based on sustainable and global prosperity and made it clear that Pamplin will not stop innovating once the GBAC is in place. With the GBAC, Pamplin promises to stay on top of the ever changing world of business.

“I’m really excited for innovation coming to our individual programs and majors. I think business is always changing and our programs need to continuously adapt to the industries that they represent in the fields that Pamplin is training each student to be a part of.” – Nathan Lavinka, 2011 Pamplin Graduate