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Pamplin Society Overview

The R.B. Pamplin Society (Pamplin Society) is a council of volunteers dedicated to fostering seamless collaboration and effective communication between diverse Pamplin College of Business (Pamplin) committees, serving as the pivotal link that enables collective success. Our mission is to streamline the flow of information, resources, and ideas, empowering each committee to excel in their unique goals while promoting a harmonious, united vision for Pamplin as a whole. Through our core pillars of foundation (membership, engagement, contribution, and service), we aim to drive innovation and progress within our community. As advocates of inclusivity and cooperation, we pledge to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, and support, ultimately unlocking the full potential of each committee member and amplifying the positive impact of our collective endeavors.

Pamplin Society Leadership Team

Pamplin Society Programs and Events

Pamplin Society hosts various networking and themed events during the year to get Pamplin alumni connected. This includes the annual Pamplin Awards and Pamplin Signature event.

Pamplin Awards

A major initiative of the Pamplin Society is the annual Pamplin Alumni Awards program. As Pamplin has a long-standing tradition of honoring its outstanding alumni, the society will capitalize on this custom in the growing alumni awards program. At present, the Society has established the Pamplin Ut Prosim Service Award, Pamplin Rising Young Alum Award, Pamplin Corporate Ambassador Award and Mentorship Award. Nominations for the 2024 Awards will begin December 14, 2023.

Pamplin Society Signature Event

The Signature Event is held annually to connect alumni, staff and faculty and share ideas, lessons learned, and best practices for emerging issues across industry related to Pamplin research and programs. This event is held in person at Virginia Tech’s Executive Briefing Center in Arlington, Virginia. The 2023 Signature Event was held on Nov 9, 2023. The 2024 event is currently planned for the Fall. 

Networking and Information Sessions

Stay tuned for more information on local events. Help us stay in contact with you. Please update your contact information in the Hokie Portal.

Lunch and Learn

Pamplin College of Business alumni, faculty, and staff are invited to attend  virtual Lunch and Learn events hosted by the Pamplin Society with guest speakers providing us insights and updates from across all of Pamplin College of Business. 

Pamplin Society is currently coordinating Lunch and Learn sessions for 2024.

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Pamplin Society members dedicate time to engagement projects throughout the year and invest in a giving expectation of $250 each year.