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Pamplin Community for Leadership and Engagement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to strengthen the individual and collective impact of Pamplin’s advisory boards by enabling greater communication and collaboration and fostering a strong sense of community among all alumni.  The mission is achieved through sharing of best practices and offering opportunities to support a more informed and engaged advisory board membership.  Advisory Boards in the Pamplin College of Business represent all departments, programs and centers within the college and provide a very significant source of support and engagement.  The 23 advisory boards are populated by approximately 600* volunteer alumni and friends of the college.  The function of each advisory board varies according to the directive provided by each department, program or center head. 

The Pamplin Community for Leadership and Engagement (PCLE) exists to enable greater communication and collaboration between the multiple boards. It is an association of representatives of all Pamplin advisory boards established for the purpose of enabling collaboration, communication and sharing of best practices across the college—with the ultimate goal of amplifying the individual and collective impact of the various boards and to foster a strong sense of community among them.

Our belief is that improving the flow and frequency of communication between boards will positively influence the effectiveness of their respective activities, while uncovering strategic opportunities for collaboration. A successful result of the existence of the PCLE would be that, in the aggregate, strategic support and engagement for Pamplin would be enhanced.

PCLE Membership

The PCLE is published quarterly. Recent issues of the PCLE News can be read here:

Best Practice Ideas

Here are some highlights of some of the best ideas implemented by Pamplin’s departments, programs and centers and their boards.

  • Student mentors
  • Student advisory boards
  • Sponsoring young alumni boards
  • Supporting student and faculty well-being initiatives
  • Holding departmental tailgating events at football games
  • Showcasing job/career opportunities for alumni
  • Supporting department, program and center fund raising initiatives

For additional information about the PCLE, please contact Crystal Jefferson at or PCLE Chair Jim Hatch at