Pamplin pride does not stop after graduation. Graduates of the Pamplin College of Business are characterized by their appreciative generosity and strong connection to their alma mater. This is the fabric of the Pamplin Society, to promote, support, and improve the college that has dutifully served them– the Pamplin College of Business.

Recently reinstated, the Pamplin Society was formed with the goal to foster the continued growth and success of the college. The Society is a chance for alumni to engage with the Pamplin community through student enrichment, aiding in Pamplin’s research and education goals, and financial support. Joining Pamplin graduates will provide a force for active and effective change in the college while awarding and facilitating those who have already assisted in the college’s success.

The first major initiative of the Pamplin Society is the expansion of the alumni awards program. As Pamplin has a long-standing tradition of honoring its outstanding alumni, the Society will capitalize on this custom in the growing alumni awards program. At present, the Society has established the Pamplin Ut Prosim Service Award which recognizes an alum with a prolonged history of upholding the spirit of “That I May Serve.” The Rising Young Alum Award honors those who have distinguished themselves professionally or rendered significant service to the university. Recognizing prolonged support of Pamplin’s mission and its students is the Pamplin Corporate Ambassador Award, and awarding an individual who consistently embodies the spirit of mentorship is the Mentorship Award.

Pamplin Society Vice President Coleman Jones explained the development of the Society, which began by reinventing the Pamplin Alumni awards and quickly expanded. “Then we shifted focus to Donor Recognition, Pamplin Alumni Events and, most importantly, connecting with business peers across a diverse network.  In conjunction with the Recent Alumni Board and Pamplin Advisory Council, the Pamplin Society is excited to grow and support the efforts of our Pamplin College of Business.”

The Pamplin Society is of extreme value to both alumni and the college overall, as Dean Sumichrast describes, “the Pamplin Society is a new asset to the college and its alumni. Very recent graduates will find networking opportunities with some of our most accomplished alumni and opportunities to future engagement with Pamplin. Senior alumni can give back by mentoring young alumni and providing leadership on key projects.”

Members of the Pamplin Society are granted multiple opportunities to support their fellow Hokies, engage with the college, and network with alumni. If you are interested in learning more about this organization and applying for membership, please contact Jason Kies at or visit the website.

Marvin J. Boyd, President of the Pamplin Society, extends his invitation: “I am proud to be part of the leadership team that is building the Pamplin Society.  We have exciting plans for the future of the group and welcome your ideas, suggestions, and involvement.”