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Strategic Planning 2019-2024

Robert Sumichrast, dean of the Pamplin College of Business, with students


PCOB Strategic Plan 2019-2024.pdf
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Compared to our previous strategic planning processes, the extension of the process to incorporate finance and budgeting acknowledge that during the next five years the college is likely to be in a position where it is likely to be faced with more good uses of financial and human capital resources than will be available. Thus the strategic plan is designed to provide a foundation for making sound strategic decisions about alternative uses of the college’s limited future resources.


Building off the 2014-2019 Strategic Plan framework

Bite sized

 Breaks the planning process into a number of smaller discrete tasks


Providing opportunities for several rounds of drafting, review and revision as components of the plan is developed


Creates the strategic plan, implementation plan and initial budgeting documents

Quick paced

Fast prototyping the components of the plan framework with May 10th target to complete an initial draft

Other Resources

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Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs
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Previous Strategic Plan & Implemenation Plan