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    Survey - Opinions and Changes that will Impact Pamplin , article

    As you all have heard in recent meetings, we are taking steps to develop Pamplin’s next strategic plan. We are ready to launch a survey, designed to learn opinions and environmental changes and trends that will impact Pamplin over the coming years. Faculty, staff, students, alumni and corporate recruiters will be invited to complete the survey. We wanted to share the link and QR code with you all prior to sending to all those invited to participate.

    Date: Feb 12
  • General Item
    Survey - Evaluate Pamplin's Mission and Vision

    As we continue with Pamplin's strategic planning process, we'd like to evaluate our current mission and vision. Please read them over and answer the questions.

    Date: Mar 07
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    Survey - University’s Values and How they Align with Pamplin , article

    As we develop the Pamplin’s Strategic Plan for the next five years, we continue to need your input in order to provide a foundation for making sound strategic decisions. For this survey, we are interested in hearing your thoughts about the university’s values and how they align with Pamplin.

    Date: Mar 07
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    Survey - Pamplin Pillars , article

    In our previous strategic plan, Pamplin targeted key areas of focus we wanted to be known for and invest in. These areas include emphasized technology and analysis that improve business, entrepreneurship that leads to innovation and innovative companies, and international opportunities for learning and research. We refer to these areas of focus as the “Pamplin Pillars.”

    Date: Mar 21