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Sid Muralidhar

Sid Muralidhar is Senior from Great Falls, Virginia majoring in Finance with a concentration in Investment Management. On campus, Sid has served as the Chief Executive Officer of COINS (Commodity Investing by Students), the only student-run commodities investment fund in the country, and Project Manager for AID (Association for India’s Development), a charitable organization that promotes development in India. Within COINS, he expanded the group’s size, operational efficiency, and alumni connections and led the recruitment efforts of the most diverse Junior Analyst class in the group’s history. In AID, he served as the only undergraduate member and helped to raise money for underfunded social projects in India, often visiting the sites personally.

Outside of the classroom, he has conducted extensive research on behavioral biases, the student debt crisis, and financial literacy, publishing papers in multiple peer-reviewed investment journals. He has been fortunate to discuss his research with Nobel Prize winners and several acclaimed academics in the field. His ultimate goal is to help individuals make better financial decisions.

Over the past two years, he has interned as an Investment Analyst for the Virginia Tech Foundation. He has also held internships at The Rock Creek Group, a global multi-product asset manager in Washington, DC, and at Kudu Investment Management, a private equity firm in New York City.

This coming summer, he will join Citigroup Markets as a full-time Sales & Trading analyst in New York City, New York after interning for them this past summer.