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LLC Requirements

First-year Innovate students will be automatically enrolled in a 3.0 credit hour professional development course during the fall semester (MGT 1064) and are highly encouraged to take the follow up spring semester course (MGT 2064) as well as be required to participate in extracurricular Entrepreneurial activities during the spring.  Living in the Innovate Living Learning Community is contingent upon the successful completion of the required Innovate freshman coursework and maintaining a committed level of participation in Community activities and experiences. 

Returning students are required to take MGT 2984.  Innovate is student-led and faculty-supported.  As such, participation in events from all members of the Community is critical to realizing the key benefits of the program.  Recognizing that students have a multitude of commitments while at Virginia Tech we strive to achieve a balance between LLC activities, academics and other extracurriculars.  All returning Innovate students are expected to participate in key activities.