The Evening MBA Scholarship program has awarded 15 deserving students in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements and dedication to professional development. The specific scholarship award is contingent upon funding availability and the number of qualified recipients, typically ranging from $1,000 to $3,000. Adobe stock image

The Evening MBA Scholarship program has awarded 15 deserving students in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements and dedication to professional development.

For an in-depth look at this year’s recipients, as well as those from previous years, please follow this link or see below.

These scholarships are available to new and returning students with a strong academic record. The specific scholarship award is contingent upon funding availability and the number of qualified recipients, typically ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

To qualify for scholarship consideration, all applicants must maintain regular student status and uphold a minimum GPA of 3.0. It's noteworthy that, unlike some other scholarships, students are not required to submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be eligible for this opportunity.

Below, please learn more about some of the individuals tied to the scholarship award. Their outstanding achievements and dedication exemplify the values and goals of the MBA program, and we believe their contributions will continue to inspire excellence in business leadership and management.

Written by Rashawn Franklin

Nana Asumadu - B.S. Information Systems | Virginia Commonwealth University

“From my perspective as a Cloud Support Engineer aspiring to diversify my career, the Virginia Tech MBA program represents a transformative opportunity. While I excel in my current role, I recognize that a broader skill set is essential for navigating various business sectors effectively. This program will provide me with the knowledge and expertise to transition into different industries and roles, such as entrepreneurship, management, or even leadership positions within tech companies. It will equip me with invaluable leadership, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills that are universally applicable. Additionally, the program's emphasis on networking and exposure to diverse business contexts will be instrumental in forging connections and exploring new career avenues. In sum, the Virginia Tech MBA program is my bridge to a versatile career trajectory, enabling me to make a meaningful impact in various businesses and industries.”

Tyler Blanchard - B.S. Information Management and Technology | Syracuse University

“Pursuit of an MBA has been a dream of mine for many years. I've sincerely enjoyed learning from the many diverse perspectives of the Evening MBA professors and student body. Case work has brought to light fascinating challenges our society is facing related to the advent of Artificial Intelligence, sustainability, and strategies to contain inflation. A true highlight was creating ‘forever memories’ during the Scandinavia Hokie abroad course!”

Kimberly Lee - B.S. Clinical Lab Science | Howard University 

“Choosing the right MBA program requires research and self-reflection. After all, it is a financial, professional, and time-committed investment. After one information session for the Virginia Tech Evening MBA Program, I was convinced this program would be a good fit for me. Virginia Tech has both a competitive atmosphere as well as a collaborative one. The program’s administration and professors have an open-door policy, which is an invaluable aspect of the MBA experience. Although I elected a Business Intelligence/Business Analytics concentration, I will also benefit from the core courses and wide selection of electives. I hope to acquire new skills and knowledge to enhance my professional development.”

Julio Monroy Cruz - B.S. Aerospace Engineering | Virginia Tech 

“My personal experience while at Virginia Tech has been an invaluable part of my growth as an individual and as a professional. I am confident that Virginia Tech’s MBA program will complement my engineering degree and I look forward to taking this new knowledge from the classroom into real-world applications. Today, I am seeking a new challenge, to be the first in my family to obtain a graduate degree and the best place to accomplish this is at my alma mater, Virginia Tech. I can certainly say that I am proud to be a first-generation graduate student. Go Hokies!”

Robert Nottingham - B.S. Health Sciences | James Madison University, M.S.A. (Master of Surgical Assisting) | Eastern Virginia Medical School

“The Virginia Tech MBA Program has been instrumental in helping develop my passion for business, all while continuing to provide a practical balance of work, education, and personal time. I have been fortunate to meet many professionals from various industries, strengthen my business acumen, and gain valuable insight into the necessary tools to advance my career. The program has been an incredible academic experience and I am confident that all of the lessons learned will have lasting impressions throughout my life.”

Robert Oudemans - B.A. International Studies | American University, School of International Service

“Virginia Tech's Evening MBA Program stood out for me as an amazing value when I was choosing an MBA program. Specifically, the dual MBA/Master of Information Technology program held immense value for me as an IT Project Manager in the legal industry. In my courses, I am looking forward to improving my competencies in business skills such as financial accounting as well as staying up to date on cutting-edge information technology fields such as artificial intelligence. Educating myself across disciplines will allow me to continuously iterate how I contribute at my firm and stay at the forefront of innovation in my industry. Additionally, the format the classes are delivered, as well as the ability to work with my professors and fellow classmates in person, will make it easy for me to work into my already busy work and personal life.”

Andrew Polhamus - B.S. Information Sciences and Systems | Radford University, Master of Information Technology | Virginia Tech

“After completing my Master of Information Technology degree from Virginia Tech in May 2022, it was an easy decision to continue my educational journey in pursuit of a dual degree with an MBA. This decision comes from a strong desire to complement my technical acumen with a solid foundation in business management and leadership. I believe by combining these two disciplines, I will be better suited to navigate the evolving landscape of technology-driven businesses and to create a substantial impact by upholding the values of Ut Prosim (That I May Serve), serving both my organization and community alike.”

Argelis Rodriguez - B.S. Industrial Engineering | Technological University of Panama

“In my youth, a college education was but only a dream attainable by few and a postgraduate education was a reach for the stars. The Virginia Tech Evening MBA Program has opened a door for me filled with new possibilities that include advancement in education, connections with diverse professionals, and an opportunity to sharpen my skills all while driving my career as an accountant and being a mom. I’m excited to be a Hokie!”

Luisa Spragg – B.S. Chemical Engineering, B.S. Petroleum Engineering | National University of Colombia

“The Virginia Tech Evening MBA Program has provided me with the business management knowledge of my engineering background to advance my career and approach business cases with different perspectives. It has also changed my understanding and thinking about the economy, marketing, and finance at work and even in my personal life. My favorite topics I have learned are about team dynamics and leadership. The MBA program has also been a great opportunity to meet new people and extend my networking. The faculty is high quality and I have a great opportunity to learn from their experience and knowledge. The nature of the evening program has been great to be able to balance my family, my work, and school.”

Shuhui Wu - B.A. Economics | University of Virginia

“My career has been so far focused on healthcare policy research for federal programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. The work that I have done helped the government to better serve the sickest and most vulnerable populations. I am using Virginia Tech’s MBA program to explore the business side of healthcare and learn more about marketing, strategy, and finance topics. I am also excited to learn from top-notch professors and learn from fellow Hokies who are already leaders in their fields. Finally, I am also very grateful that this program will allow me to work while completing courses on my own timeline. I am looking forward to connecting with fellow classmates and growing in my interests!”

Carlos Zuniga - B.S. Finance | University of Maryland, College Park 

“As a capital planning and investment controls administrator for the federal government, I work closely with program and project managers to oversee and manage a vast portfolio of IT investments from a governance reporting perspective. Virginia Tech’s Evening MBA Program has strengthened my understanding of IT and project management principles which will serve me to bridge the gap more effectively between financials and IT management reporting which is crucial to the success in my current role. The professors and staff are second to none and have demonstrated not only expertise in their respective fields but also the ability to connect on a one-on-one basis to foster my professional growth. I am thankful and fortunate to be a part of the Virginia Tech Evening MBA Program.”