Marshall Kregg, a graduate of both the Pamplin College of Business’s MBA program as well as the Online Master of Information Technology program, serves as a member of the MBA Advisory Board. Photo courtesy of Marshall Kregg.

Marshall Kregg has always answered the call to serve others. After graduating from high school, he joined the United States Army, serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, Kregg again works in the service of others, this time as a member of the MBA Advisory Board

Kregg, a graduate of both the Pamplin College of Business’s MBA program as well as the Online Master of Information Technology program, is the founder and CEO of Leviathan International, which provides system/solution architecture and engineering as well as cybersecurity operations, compliance, and risk management solutions to government and private sector clients.

Circumstantial cybersecurity

His career in technology happened somewhat by circumstance. Specializing in military information support operations (or psychological operations), intelligence analysis, and counterinsurgency/counterterrorism while in the military, Kregg joined a cybersecurity sales company upon his return to civilian life. Though ambivalent about sales, Kregg found something in the job that sparked an interest in him.

“I didn't know anything about cybersecurity until I began that job and absolutely fell in love with the technology we were working with,” he said. “The sales part was fine, but what I really liked was technology and wanted to learn more about engineering.”

Kregg was inspired to acquire a couple of certifications in cybersecurity. Those certifications would then steer him to continue his education even further, eventually leading Kregg to Northern Virginia and the Pamplin MBA and Online MIT programs.

As for why he chose the Pamplin programs over others in the area, Kregg stated that he “liked the self-pacing of the programs, as well as the focus on cybersecurity management and their overall affordability.”

After graduation, Kregg successfully founded his firm, Leviathan International, something he attempted to do before his time at Pamplin without as much success.

“Early on, I started a business but didn’t know enough at the time to be successful,” he added. “After earning my MBA from Pamplin, I started the company again with much more success.”

Hokie for life

Today, as an accomplished business owner and consultant, Kregg is giving back to the program he credits with his success, serving on the MBA Advisory Board.

“I loved my time with the program and want to help make the program the best it can be,” Kregg said. “The VT-MBA program solidified in me the fact that I wanted to be a business owner and the program gave me the tools I needed to be successful.”

Kregg serves on the committees for the advisory board’s Lunch and Learns as well as the Student and Alumni Engagement Committee.

“In our line of work, networking is very important,” Kregg added. “I want to help extend that network for prospective and current students and alumni.”

However, according to Kregg, extending that network may not be too difficult.

“You can find Hokies everywhere,” he said. “There is an instant connection everywhere you go, almost like everywhere you go is home.

“I feel like I am a Hoke for life.”

Looking to the future

It was recently announced that the Pamplin College of Business academic programs in Falls Church, Virginia, will be relocating to Virginia Tech’s Innovation Campus in Alexandria, Virginia. The state-of-the-art 300,000-square-foot, 11-story building, set to open in Fall 2024, will provide a cutting-edge environment for the graduate programs.

“Embracing the transition to the Innovation Campus is a testament to our commitment to advancing teaching, learning, and research in the digital age,” said Parviz Ghandforoush, associate dean for Pamplin graduate programs.

Starting with the Fall 2024 entering class, Pamplin D.C.-Area graduate programs will have the opportunity to thrive and excel in this dynamic hub of technological advancements and collaborative possibilities.

To learn more about the graduate and executive education options offered by Pamplin College of Business, please visit Pamplin's graduate programs' website.