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Pamplin prides itself on getting its undergraduates started on their first day!  Once accepted, students do not need to reapply at a later date, and freshmen can take business courses during their first semester.  Students at other business schools often have to wait until their sophomore or junior year to take classes for their major, but freshmen at Virginia Tech are enrolled in the core business classes upon being accepted!

To make freshman year easier, the college offers a peer mentoring program where upperclassmen meet and advise new students to foster a positive experience.  The program also has workshops tailored towards choosing a major and preparing a resume for internships.

From inside the classroom to out in the community, Hokies in Pamplin get involved starting on Day One!  Students don’t need to wait to take economics their junior year or hold off on joining organizations.  This allows students the opportunity to get plugged in and comfortable with their studies right away, which is something that most universities can’t say.

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